Grocery Shopping Service

UGO's Grocery Shopping Service is great for the elderly, busy people or
people who have a hard time getting around.

 We shop for your groceries in the store of your choice inside Belleville.
 Our boundries for this service at this time are North to Hwy #401,
south to the Bay of Quinte, East to  Haig Rd and west to Loyalist Rd.

How it Works
You call us a we come and pick up your grocery list and money go
and  do your grocery shopping in the store of your choice and
return in about one hour with your groceries, reciept and give you
your change. Then we charge you our low base service charge of
$10.00 plus our volume charge of 10% of your grocery bill total.

Example: If you get $50.00 of groceries your total service charge
would be.

                              Base Charge:  $ 10.00 
  10 % of $50.00 Volume Charge:  $   5.00   
             Total Service Charge:   $ 15.00

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